The following preferences are available for users to choose from:

Week begins on Change whether the calendar week should begin on Sunday or Monday.
Use ʿĀmata ʿĀlam (AA) The default era is ʿĀmata Śǝggāwe (often referred to as ʿĀmata Mǝḥrǝt), which begins in 8 A.D. The era ʿĀmata ʿĀlam begins 5500 years earlier.
Show alternate calendar Shows and hides the alternate calendar (see below)
Alternate calendar Two alternate calendars are available: Western and Islamic. If enabled, the dates will appear beneath the Ethiopian/Eritrean calendar dates. “Western” will show dates on the Gregorian calendar (for dates on or after October 15, 1582) or the Julian calendar (for dates on or before October 4, 1582). “Islamic” will show dates approximated using a tabular calculation (precise Islamic dates are impossible to determine algorithmically since they are based on the visibility of the moon).
Calendar language This setting changes the language of the calendar itself (not the app’s interface or the alternate calendar).
Show days of the week… If disabled, the days of the week will be shown in the chosen calendar language.
Use dark theme Changes the appearance of the app to use primarily dark colours.
Use Ethiopic letters Toggles between Ethiopic script (ፊደል) and transliterated characters (fidal).
Use Ethiopic numerals Toggles between Ethiopic numerals (፩,፪,፫) and Arabic numerals (1,2,3).